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Jez, from the Whistle and Kite Brewery


Richard Vobes

Nigel Cooper.


Sheila Dibnah


Graham Beeby



Will Adams.

Author of  Northamptonshire: North and East 2 (British Railways Past & Present) Plus Part 1 and much more. 

Will was part of the Cambridge Footlights during the early 70's with Griff Rhys Jones and Douglas Adams of  The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, and had plenty to talk about.

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Dennis Binks.

Dennis is a Minister in The Candle of Light Christian Spiritual Church In Kettering and Corby, and joined me to talk about his work with other volunteers over the Christmas period, seeking out and helping the local homeless people.

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Jimmy Hastle.

One time Bus Driver Jimmy, AKA James Henry, became unemployed in his early 50's, and was wondering what he would do next.

Well he decided to become an Author, (as you do), and he has not looked back since.

He has 3 books to his name, and another on the way. His first book is about his time as a bus-driver and others followed.

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Vernon Hopkins.

Vernon joined me for a full and frank interview about his early days in the Music industry. 

The Bass guitarist, Vernon Hopkins, the founder of the 60’s rock group the Senators, which later became the Squires, has written a memoir about his time spent with Tom Jones. It was Vernon who insisted on bringing in Tom as lead singer on the rocky road to fame and super stardom. Vernon was born in Rhydyfelin and became as close as a brother to Tom, until stardom tore them apart. Vernon was fired by Gordon Mills in 1969 and has only seen Tom on a handful of occasions since. 

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Julia Thorley.

Julia came in to the studio and had a good old chin wag about her work as an editor, proof reader and much more. 

Julia can be heard every week on the show with Julia's thoughts, Stories to make you smile, wonder, frown and sigh, inspired by the stuff that happens to and around her. It's all about life, yoga and other adventures.

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Julia's Blog:
Jez came to the studio on the 18th January 2015 to talk about his Beer, which is a subject close to Producer Clive's heart.

The Whistle and Kite brewery operates out of a small unit in a backstreet in Kettering, but the Beers are Big on taste, with the Christmas special brew Comfort and Joy scoring a ten out of ten from both Me and Clive during the Christmas Beer Show.


Richard Vobes started writing short stories, plays and television scripts when in his teens and early twenties. He went to mime school and performed his one man show all round the UK. In the mid 1990s he produced a pilot for a childrens television series entitled Snug and Cozi, the comedy slapstick adventures of two crazy spacemen who crash land on Earth. Two series were produced and broadcast on Childrens ITV. In recent times, Richard made a history documentary series called The Bald Explorer which was broadcast on the Community Channel on Freeview and Sky TV. Richard has eaten fire, walked on glass, lain on a bed of nails and juggled five balls on a walking globe at many gala shows and family fun events all round the country. He is concentrating on writing childrens books and Splidge the Cragflinger is the first of the series

                               Snug and Cozi, Richard and Nigel

The idea was dreamed up by actor and film maker, Richard Vobes. In 1994, along with fellow actor, Nigel Cooper, they produced a low budget pilot version of the show on 16mm film. Originally, the idea was to explore the idea of aliens living in a potting shed on an allotment, but when commissioned in 1996 by the ITV Network, the series further developed.

The TV series started production in 1996, with a change a slight alteration to the spelling of Cozi in the title. (The original spelt more 'cosy'). The opening sequence explained how the aliens crashed on Earth.

The characters never tried to integrate into the environment and continued to wear their conspicuous spacesuits.

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THE widow of Fred Dibnah MBE. 

Shiela talked about her time with Fred, his celebrity status and her new book  (CHAMPAGNE STEEPLEJACK)

Available from Amazon, and in paperback.

By 1997 Fred Dibnah was living alone, with little work or money. Competition from Manchester had reduced his income from steeplejacking and filming for the BBC had dried up completely. He had, however, met Sheila Grundy, a former magician's assistant. She had arrived one day with her parents and young son to see Dibnah's back yard, and signed the visitor's book. The two remained in contact and became friends; they shared an interest in steam and Grundy was fascinated by Dibnah's tales of steeplejacking. She and her son moved in with Dibnah in 1998 and the couple married on 26 September that year.[

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Sheila's Website...


Graham Beeby from Harborough FM, a Community radio station  serving North Northants and south Leicestershire, popped into the studio to talk about how he became a presenter, and gave advice for any other budding presenter's.

Graham started on Hospital radio, and progressed to the as was, one of the Countries first commersial Radio Stations (KCBC) based in Kettering. 

Graham presents a weekly Saturday Morning show on HFM.

Most embarrassing (NOT RUDE!) Moment: 

Not so much embarrassing but foolish. On the Isle of Wight with some friends we decided to buy an inflatable boat. Out in the sea a large wave overturned the boat and in we went. I quickly realised that my spectacles were lost in the sea and these were my only pair.

Now these were that days before you could afford a second pair. I was the only driver on the trip so this was obviously going to cause a problem as I am very short-sighted.

I left my friends at the seaside and attempted to drive 15 miles to an optician. Luckily, the optician produced a pair of specs that I could just about see with. I drove back down to my friends where I found them all laughing at me. The tide had gone out and they just picked up my original glasses from the sea-bed. 

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                       Vernon is Top Left in the Picture.


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